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What is Client and Server?

Although the client/server model can be used by programs within a single computer, it is a more important concept for networking.  In this case, the client establishes a connection to the server over a local area network (LAN) or wide-area network (WAN), such as the Internet. Once the server has fulfilled the client’s request, the connection is terminated. Your Web browser is a client program that has requested a service  from a server; in fact, the service and resouce the server provided is the delivery of this Web page.



Computer transactions in which the server fulfills a request made by a client are very common and the client/server model has become one of the central ideas of network computing. Most business applications use the client/server model as does does the Internet’s main program, TCP/IP. For example, when you check your bank account from your computer, a client program in your computer forwards a request to a server program at the bank. That program may in turn forward a request to its own client program, which then sends a request to a database server at another bank computer. Once your account balance has been retrieved from the database, it is returned back to the bank data client, which in turn serves it back to the client in your personal computer, which then displays the information to you.




Both client programs and server programs are often part of a larger program or application. Because multiple client programs share the services of the same server program, a special server called a daemon may be activated just to await client requests. In marketing, the client/server was once used to distinguish distributed computing by personal computers (PCs) from the monolithic, centralized computing model used by mainframes. This distinction has largely disappeared, however, as mainframes and their applications have also turned to the client/server model and become part of network computing.


Advantages of using Linux dedicated server

Linux dedicated servers help to running and managing of eCommerce websites and also play vital role now days. Linux server operating system leads top 10 fastest supercomputer within the world . Linux dedicated server is popular choice for business today in linux server you can installed any hardware and software easily which help your operating system to work good.With Linux dedicated server you will get good stability and performance for operating system which help to get good websites uses. Linux dedicated server easily manageable were you can easily install any software and also manage running time. Linux operating system Apache is best one to use with linux dedicated server. You will get excellent services from linux dedicated server with the help most powerful operating sytem all over the world and also give reliable option in web hosting industry.Linux dedicated server is an open source operating system which help to changed good working server and also easily use for Red Hat Enterprise and Free BSD

Advantages of Linux dedicated server
1. Linux dedicated server comes at low cost with long term solution for your business.Technology which was use by linux server is open source which was benefit for many business. Linux server easily modify and upgrade at free of cost with latest update. If you have tight budget for business than linux dedicated server is best for you.

2. With linux dedicated server you will get reliable condition for your operating system which help you add more server for your business expansion.

3. If you require the scripting language like, PHP, MySQL, or Perl for your websites which require linux operating with your hosting . If you go with windows server you had not permitting for this script ,which was work on Linux server only .

4. You will get many user which was prefer linux dedicated server for their business rather than Windows dedicated server.

5. Linux dedicated server provides many security features such as anti-spyware, malware, and firewall services .The community supported nature of Linux means any rumored bugs are rumored promptly and glued. You can easy control and maintain your content of website and navigation of servers which help to get Good high uptime and best performance for your business.

6. With Linux dedicated server you will get Cpanel control panel which was good for manage the websites. with help of cpanel you can easily manage your website content and files .