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How to enable tun/tap module in vps?

TUN/TAP is commonly used in computer network technology. TUN is know as tunnel and TAP is known as network TAP.TUN simulate the network layer device and operate with 3 packates like Internet protocol. TAP simulates a link layer device and it operates with layer 2 packets like Ethernet frames. TUN is used with routing and TAP is used for creating a network bridge.

There are some steps to enable the TUN/TAP technology so please follow it:

Step 1: Fisrt login into VPS via ssh.

Step 2: Run this command to check the status of TUN/TAP
# cat /dev/net/tun
#cat /dev/net/tun: File descriptor in bad state

If you got above output then TUN/TAP has enabled. If you got other output that means not enabled.

So how to enable it?

Step 1: Login via ssh

Step 2: Run the below mentioned command
# lsmod | grep tun

If you got blank value means TUN is not loaded
run below mentioned command to load it
# modprobe tun
# lsmod | grep tun
tun 82432 6

Step 3: TUN module automatically loade into /etc/sysconfig/modules/ directory on every reboot

so allow the the container to use the TUN/TAP by running the following command

# vzctl set 101 –devnodes net/tun:rw –save
# vzctl set 101 –devices c:10:200:rw –save
# vzctl stop 101
# vzctl set 101 –capability net_admin:on –save
# vzctl start 101
# vzctl exec 101 mkdir -p /dev/net
# vzctl exec 101 chmod 600 /dev/net/tun

How to manage Reseller’s shared Ip?

I like to inform you that whm interface allow to specify the shared ip address for a resller.Multiple user can use the same ip address.We can share multiple reseller on same ip address but it will use by only one user.
Manage shared IP:

Select a reseller from the menu.

Click Submit. You will be taken to a new screen.

Select the desired IP address from the menu. This menu shows all of the IP addresses that are associated with your server. This menu will label:

delegated IP addresses and the resellers that correspond to the delegated IP addresses.

dedicated IP addresses and the accounts that correspond to the dedicated IP addresses.

shared IP addresses and the resellers that correspond to the shared IP addresses

Click Save. You will be taken to a new screen.

If you are successful, you will see the following message (where john is the user): Shared (IP-less) IP for john is now

If you are unsuccessful, you will see the following message (where john is the user): Failed to set shared (IP-less) IP for john: Supplied IP address is invalid.

If you wish to assign another shared IP address to a reseller, repeat the above steps

How to configure MS SQL server for remote Access?

Please follow the steps to configure MS SQL server for remote access:

Step 1: First of go to run and type cliconfg.

Step 2: Enable the TCP/IP protocol.

Step 3: Now go to start>Administrative tools> Services to see the service named SQL server is started.

Step 4: The Default Administrative account is named sa, use netstat -an to verify the server listening SQL correct ports.

Step 5: If server is not listening SQL ports, then go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or 2008/2008 R2) > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Step 6: Open the + next to SQL Server Network Configuration.

Step 7: Right-click TCP/IP and select Properties.

Step 8: Select IP Addresses.

Step 9: All TCP ports mentioned on all interfaces should be 1433. Change this to reflect the correct port number and restart the SQL services.

Five reasons why blogers must use a cpanel hosting.

1-Cpanel is the market leader:
Cpanel is the web control panel which is used to control the websites.Most of linux bussiness based company using cpanel to allow the customer to control their websites.

2- Cpanel has many features:
You can control e-mail,databse and access the website.It allow the users easy to operate every thing in linux. It is a web panel thets why you can access it from any where in the world.However you can develope your online career you will find that features are useful when you load maore complex packages.It allow to add provide some programs that will help to develope your site easily.

3- you can change the host easily:
Cpanel provide some features that we can use to transfer the host from one to another with very simple steps.there is some functions which helps you to chage the host easily.
cpanel transfer

4-It provide the fantastic fantastico:
Fantastico is one moe feature which is alraedy added into the can install forty different open source with the help of this feature.It includes the costomer relations software,blog packages,mailing list, discussion board, e-commerce and more packages.

5-Cpanel has very good support:
I like to inform you that cpanel is very popular and has the google support. there are many technical thing has shared on google you can get help from there. By using this you can easily host your websites and also easily control it.

Wondering Where To Start Web Hosting: Read This?


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Website hosting is essential whenever beginning your internet presence, without it you do not have a website, however choosing top quality hosting company may be a tough challenge, of course, do you really need one gigabyte of data transfer, website hosting with one IP, limitless listings or a totally free domain name. Exactly what does this really indicate and also exactly what you are trying to find whenever you are trying to find an appropriate website hosting company.

Hosting services are really lucrative when they are popular, they possess higher start-up expenses, and however with time their general expenses significantly decrease.

Your website hosting needs

You have to realistically create exactly what web hosting needs you have for your website, would you actually need 400 gigabytes of data transfer (transfer) monthly? The majority of websites are fortunate to use 2 gigabytes monthly from their hosting consideration. Databases are one more large issue, numerous hosting services alter extra for listings, whenever unmistakably they do not cost something to preserve since they reside on the identical server.

You understand your own web hosting needs, just what next?

Your own major goal would be to check out hosting information sites to be able to get a listing of prospective hosting services. An excellent web hosting data source is Hosting Village; they supply website hosting content articles, information and data, as well as in reality the ideal place to begin the search for high quality website hosting.

Producing a listing of potential hosting services

Considering the fact that hosting services are lucrative, they are likely to promote greatly across the web. The more lucrative an internet web hosting service is the a lot more they are surely ready to spend on hosting related marketing.

Quick listing

To be able to brief list your own potential hosting services you have to check out each one site as well as just instantly browse around, when the style is bad or they do not provide sufficient support, and then the odds are this hosting company is not to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you are not used to the entire web hosting expertise or even a professional, there will probably be an age when needing to get in touch with your web hosting assistance.

Inside info

After you have a shortlist of a number of hosting services, you should study these by means of forums as well as webmaster groups. Likelihood is if a person has obtained experience or even great they are going to wish to come up with it someplace on the web.


You ought to will have a summary of 2 or 3 potential hosting services whom you are thoroughly amazed with, now you have to render the choice. The best method would be to weigh up the capabilities and cost and also be thoroughly realistic regarding your needs, we certainly have almost all been in the circumstance exactly where we have recently been over ambitious and also bought something which is as well advanced for all of us.

How to create Reseller Account in WHM?

If you have web host manager login then you can easily create Reseller account in WHM. You must have Dedicated Or VPS server with root login detail.

Please follow the steps to make reseller account in Web host manager.

Step 1: First of all login into WHM with root login.

Step 2: Once you enter into whm, Go to search bar and serch the keyword “Create” and the click on “Create a new Account”.

Step 3: Now fill into the information as you want.

Step 4: Go to under re seller setting and check “Make the account a Reseller”.
reseller account

you will see there one option “Make the account own itself” so the owner can modifythe account.

Step 5: Now click on “Create”.
account has been created

Now the customer can easily access his with whm or cpanel login detail.

Dedicated Servers – 4 Facts For Online Business

These days, so many people are curious about internet business. You may transform the concept of an internet business into a multi-billion by utilizing your personal dedicated server. From my knowledge being businessman, to advertise your small business on the internet, do buy an internet hosting dedicated server. It is really the trick of your prosperity globally. Excellent dedicated server which is created for you with efficiently, performance, safety, and dependability to serve your small business much better. My recommendation, your own backbone is Linux dedicated servers. You might question now, exactly why?

1 – Linux customers are computers technical engineers, like the primary function of Linux PC is always to server. Linux is regarded as the utilized operating-system for web host provider with PHP, MySQL, Java, Apache, Ajax, etc. For Mail Server, Linux is most important, and then right now on the business field; it really is getting reputation. Linux is furthermore ideal for big, average, as well as for smaller offices, it is usually safe and carries almost all the office software you will need or even want.

2 – Dedicated server has got the terrific speed as well as ideal security benefits, together with better control of website server. Could be great to be familiarizing on your own using these unique dedicated server benefits which means you understand how to obtain your procedures functioning immediately or you might hire a programmer to look after this problem for you personally. You should definitely create a routine in logging in your own dedicated server occasionally to check if things are orderly.

3 – In case we review the Shared servers to the dedicate servers , you will discover the cost you more in dedicated one, however undoubtedly, you obtain a lot more features along with the ideal of the protection with the dedicated one. In shared webhosting servers; several sites are managed, exactly where shared the coverage national infrastructure in addition the sources, because of this; the overall performance of just one website may be impacted due to other sites on the identical shared server.

4 – Making use of servers which are dedicated simply to you as well as your business, you will possess the appropriate to handle and also operate several sites which you own on the identical equipment space. As well as in this situation you may centralize almost all your small business to ensure it is a lot more controlled by you. As an example, it is possible to synchronize your own sales division with promoting department in an exact space when they are making use of the same date base.

Usually, an individual who requires a lot more bandwidth, computer data space ought to be turned to dedicated servers exactly where your site safer it also works far better to found your small business in an expert way. To summarize, dedicated servers website hosting is the greatest answer for anybody that is certainly trying to market their very own business to produce an internet perfect existence, in which you control your hardware, software program and obtain wise.

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How to create new account in cpanel?

Please follow the steps to create new account in cpanel.

Step 1: First of login into the WHM which is know as web host manager.
whm login

Step 2: once you login into it you will see multiple option over there.So you have to select “Account Function”.
account function

Step 3: Click on account function and then click on “create new account”.
new account

Step 4: Now you have to fill the new account details.
domain info

Domain Information:
Enter the domain name on the account and set the username and password for the account
This option is there to set the package as you want.
Choose the cpanel theme to assign to the perticular user.
Reseller Settings:
There is also has reseller account option if you have admin privileges then you can make reseller account.
Dns Setting:
It decide how the domain name server should be configure on the server
Mail Routing setting:
It decides mail routing means how to handle the email service.

Step 5: And finally you will got a congratulation message.
congatulation message

Web Site Optimization with Simple Steps and Easily

Mostly Web sites is optimized for using mobile devices because mostly people looks and prefer the mobile device for searching everything . Therefore we create a websites for both Mobile and PC’s device etc. We can use CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap are using mobile optimization. In Bootstrap Media queries is also available for create websites easily and design for both Mobile and PC’s device.
There are few ways to optimize the sites.
1- basic optimization rules
2- optimizing assets (images, scripts, and styles)
3- optimizations specific to scripts
4- optimizations specific to styles
Basic optimization rules:
When we look at a simple web page we see:
Some HTML code
Different page component(assets) referenced by the HTML
The assets are images,scripts,style, and perhaps some external media such as Flash movies or Java applets etc. So When it comes to download sizes, You should aim to have all the assets as lightweight as possible-advice which also extends to the page’s HTML content. Creating lean HTML code often means using better markup, which also overlap with the SEO efforts that are a necessary part of the site creation process. As most professional web developer know a key characteristic of good markup is that it only describes the content, not the presentation of the page. Any layout or presentation elements should be moved to CSS.
Here is an example of a good approach to the HTML markup for a navigation menu:
<ul id=”menu”>
<li><a href=”home.html”>Home</a></li>
<li><a href=”about.html”>About</a></li>
<li><a href=”contact.html”>Contact Us</a></li>
This sort of markup should provide “hooks” to allow for the effective use of CSS and make the menu look however you want it to-wheather that means adding fancy bullets, borders,or rollovers, or placing the menu items into a horizontal menu. Once you’re sure your markup is lightweight and semantic, you should go through your assets and make sure they are also of minimal size .
Make Fewer HTTP Requests:
Making fewer HTTP requests turns out to be the most important optimization technique, with the biggest impact.If your time is limited, and you can only complete one optimization task, pick this one. HTTP requests are generally the most “expensive” activity that the browser performs while displaying your page. Therefore ,you should ensure that your page makes as few requests  as possible.


How you can go about that, While maintaining the richness of your pages?
Combine scripts and style sheets:
Do we have a few <script> tags in our head ? Well, merge the .js files into one and save our visitors some round trips then do the same with the CSS files.
Avoid frames:
If we use frames, the browser has to request at least three HTML pages, instead of just one – those of the frameset as well as each of the frames.
Avoid redirects:
A redirect adds another client- server round trip , so instead of processing our page immediately after receiving the initial response the browser will have to make another request immediately after receiving the initial response the browser will have to make another request and wait for the second response.
Use image sprites:
This technique allows we have to combine several images into one and use CSS to show only the part of the images that needed. When we combine five or ten images into a single file, already you’re making a huge saving in the request / response overhead.
Optimizing Assets:
Use a Content Delivery Network
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of a server in different geographical location. Each server has a copy of a site’s files. When a visitor to your site requests a file, the file is delivered from the nearest server.
This setup can have a significant impact on your page’s overall performance, but unfortunately, using a CDN. Such as, it’s probably not something you’d do for a personal blog, but it may be useful when a client asks you to build a site that’s likely to experience high volumes of traffic.
Place Assets on a Cookie-free Domain
If we set a lot of cookies, the request headers for your pages will increase in size, since those cookies are sent with each request. Additionally our assets probably don’t use the cookies,so all of this information could be repeatedly sent to the client for no reasons. Sometimes these headers may be a bigger than the size of the asset requested – these are extreme cases of course, but it happens. consider downloading these small icons or similar that are less than half a KB, and requesting them 1 KB worth of HTTP headers.
If we use sub domains to host our assets we need to make sure that the cookies set of our canonical domain name(e.g ) and not for the top-level domain name.
This way, our asset subdomain will be cookie-free. If we are attempting to improve the performance of an existing site, and you have already set your cookies on the top-level domain, you could consider the option of hosting assets on new domains, rather than sub domain.
Split the Assets Among Domains
It’s completely up to you which assets you decide to host and which you decide to host on 2)’s no clear directive on this point. Just make sure we do not randomize the domain on each request, as this will cause the same assets to be downloaded twice- once . When we choose to put all content images that are included in your HTML with <img/> tags) .The best way to decide on split assets is by experimentation you can use Firebug’s Net panel to monitor the sequence in which assets download, then decide how you should spread components across domains in order to speed up the download process.