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What is multi virtualization in Virtualizor?

We like to inform you that now you can enable multi virtualization technology on single server. Means now you can make kvm server and openVZ server on same machine. there is some requirements to enable this service . Must have cent OS 6 with openVZ or KVM and Node must have virtualization enabled in BIOS for the KVM.

Virtualizor has wizard to enable this service. To make this enable please follow the steps.

Step 1: Login into Admin Panel.

Step 2: Go to left side and search configuration option and just click on it.

Step 3: You will see their multi Virtualization option. just click on it and enable it.

Step 4: tail -f /var/virtualizor/log/multivirt
to check the multivirtualizon process.

Step 5: You will need to create storage either it is KVM or OpenVZ.

Step 6: Now you can create Vps into it.


How to copy an addon Domain to a new account?

Addon Domain:
An addon domain is a funtional domain which is created into your cpanel account.having multiple hosting packages on the same web panel. we can provide forwarders,email addresses and website hosted on your account.

When you create addon domain 3 things will happen:

1. when you will create new folder it will automatically create into the “pblic_html” directory.
2. Subdomain created for the primary domain and attach to the new folder.
3. a new domain name associate with the subdomain.

Now we will learn how to copy an addon domain to a new account.

Please follow the steps to copy an addon domain to a new account.


Step 1: Download the content of your addon domain on your system.

Step 2: Take backup of any database.

Step 3: After that create new folder into cpanel’s public_html folder.

Step 4: Now upload your domain contents to new cpanel folder.

Step 5: and restore the database backup into the new cpanel.