What can you expect with downtime of Shared Hosting?

You can’t avoid downtime when it comes to shared hosting, but you can be prepared for it. Understanding hosting downtime and the factors that can affect shared hosting is the perfect place to start. Downtime refers to having your website not up and running for a temporary period of time and no hosting provider can guarantee 100% availability.

Types of Downtime

There are essentially two types of downtimes that you may experience at the basic level. The first one would be unplanned downtime which means that your site is down due to the shared web host for an unknown period of time, unexpectedly, due to a realm of possible reasons.Downtime that wasn’t planned could be a number of issues that causes your site to crash without warning. Sometimes this unplanned downtime was caused by hardware failure due to a software issue, a natural disaster, faulty components, or in some cases, human error. A reputable web host would inform you through social media or messaging what happened or updates on the situation.

What effects Uptime?

A web host’s uptime would have a percentage which refers to the amount of time a website would be available. Choose a web host that has good reviews on uptime and emergency plans in place to deal with downtime. If uptime is at 99.9% then it could mean you’d only experience 1 hour of downtime a month at the most.A 99.95% of uptime would mean 30 minutes of downtime a month at max while a 99.99% uptime should result in 5 minutes of downtime the month at the most. No one will have 100% uptime because something is always bound to happen from the power to human errors. Maintenance is not factored into uptime calculations.That’s a look at what to expect with downtime and what is normal from a shared host compared to what is a red flag.

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