Diffrence between Apache Http and Apache Tomcat

Apache Http
1 ) httpd is a web server.
2 ) httpd run on default port : 80
3 ) httpd is typically used to host static content and dynamic content written in perl, php amongst others
4 ) Apache is a web-server meant to serve static web-pages. Example includes plain HTML pages . Facebook, Google, or WordPress sites are some of the examples .
5 ) The Apache “http” server is often refered to as Apache and is a server that handles http requests. Its job is to listen for requests and pass it on to the appropriate module to process. There are modules to process C, Java, PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby etc.
6 ) Httpd webserver is coded in C programing language.

Apache Tomcat
1 ) Tomcat is a Servlet Container
2 ) Tomcat run on default port : 8080
3 ) Tomcat is primarily intended to be used to serve web applications developed in Java to the Java Servlet specification
4 ) Apache Tomcat, on the other hand, is an application server meant to serve Java applications (Servlets, JSPs etc). we can serve web-pages as well through Tomcat, but it is less efficient at that as compared to Apache. IRCTC is one such website.
5 ) Apache Tomcat is a Java Servlet container. It runs as an Apache http server module. It constructs the HTML pages by executing Java Servlets and Java Server Pages and returns them to the http server.
6 ) Tomcate pure coded into Java language.

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