WordPress, being one of the most famous companies providing hosting services to people, also provides several of plug-ins to add to your site. This feature has both; pros and cons. There are so many plug-ins to choose from that people often get confused as to what plug-in would be better for the enhancement of the website and their business. Once you have a grasp of the top-rated choices, you’ll have an easier time determining which ones would benefit your site the most.

WP Courseware is great for WordPress users who like building websites with drag-and-drop interfaces.

Courses are added the same way you would add a new post. You can also add in media content like audio and video. Once you have all your content added, you can organize them with the plugin’s easy-to-use course builder.

LearnDash is a feature-rich plugin that’s focused on providing the best eLearning options for traditional learning environments like schools and universities. It’s an ideal solution for big projects that might involve a considerable amount of courses

LearnPress by ThimPress is a free plugin with lots of free and premium add-ons for added functionality. The plugin adds a LearnPress tab on the WordPress dashboard where you can start creating courses and quizzes. The visual editor has some drag and drop features, although they are not as advanced as WP Courseware’s

Sensei is made by the same developers behind WooCommerce. It’s built to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce for course payments. This means that you can sell courses the same way you would sell products on an e-commerce site. With this setup, you don’t have to install a membership plugin just to allow access to paid courses.

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